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lime pointing

Lime pointing involves the application of a lime-based mortar to the joints between bricks or stones in masonry walls. This traditional technique has been used for centuries to enhance the durability and appearance of buildings while allowing them to breathe and move naturally.

At Lime Plastering Wales, our lime pointing experts are dedicated to the meticulous restoration and preservation of historic and listed Grade 1 and Grade 2 buildings. With a deep respect for traditional techniques and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that the structural integrity and aesthetic beauty of your property are maintained for generations to come.

What is Lime POINTING?

Why Choose Lime POINTING?

At Lime Plastering Wales, we are dedicated to providing superior lime pointing services that preserve the beauty and integrity of your historic property. Our team of skilled craftsmen combines traditional techniques with modern expertise to deliver results that stand the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about our lime pointing services and schedule a consultation. Let us help you protect and enhance the heritage of your building with our expert lime pointing solutions.

Historical Accuracy:

Lime pointing is essential for maintaining the authenticity and historical integrity of heritage buildings. It preserves the original appearance and craftsmanship, ensuring that restoration efforts are true to the building's period and style.


Lime mortar is breathable, allowing moisture to escape from the walls. This helps prevent dampness, mold, and structural damage, promoting a healthier and more durable building.​


Unlike modern cement mortars, lime mortar is flexible and can accommodate the natural movement and settling of buildings. This reduces the risk of cracks and damage over time, ensuring the long-term stability of the structure.

Aesthetic Appeal

Lime pointing enhances the visual appeal of masonry walls by providing a soft, textured finish that complements the natural beauty of the stone or brickwork. The team here at Lime Plastering Wales can customise it to match the original mortar in colour and texture, creating a seamless and authentic look.


In summary, people choose lime pointing as it extends the life of your masonry by providing a flexible and breathable joint that resists cracking and moisture damage. By using traditional materials and methods, lime pointing helps preserve the historical and architectural significance of your property. The natural appearance of lime mortar enhances the beauty of your building, highlighting the craftsmanship and details of the masonry.

Using a mix of traditional and modern materials and methods, we have been restoring, conserving and repairing period and historic properties, across Wales and South West England for over 20 years.

Our lime POINTING process

Starting with a thorough assessment of your building's masonry to determine the condition of the existing mortar and the specific requirements for lime pointing. The old or damaged mortar is carefully removed using traditional techniques that avoid damage to the surrounding masonry. This ensures a clean and stable surface for the new lime mortar.

Assessment & Preparation

After the lime pointing is complete, we perform a final inspection and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the highest quality finish. We also provide guidance on maintenance to preserve the integrity of the lime mortar.

Finishing Touches

Application: We apply the lime mortar with precision, filling the joints and ensuring a uniform and durable finish. 


We prepare a lime mortar mix tailored to match the original composition and appearance of the building. This includes selecting the appropriate type of lime, sand, and other aggregates to achieve the desired finish.


    • Lime pointing is ideal for historic and listed buildings, as well as any masonry structures that require a breathable and flexible mortar solution.

    • With proper application and care, lime pointing can last for many years. Regular inspections and minor touch-ups can help maintain its integrity and appearance.

    • Yes, lime pointing can be used on modern buildings, especially those built with traditional materials like brick or stone. It offers a sustainable and durable alternative to cement-based mortars.

    • Lime mortar is breathable and flexible, allowing for natural movement and moisture evaporation. Cement mortar is harder and less permeable, which can lead to moisture retention and cracking.

    • Yes, lime pointing is eco-friendly due to its natural composition and minimal environmental impact. Lime is a renewable material that reduces the carbon footprint of building restoration projects.



As accredited tradesmen, we take pride in the quality of our limework and plastering services.

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