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Lime Plastering in Gloucestershire

Welcome to Lime Plastering Gloucestershire, your partner in preserving and enhancing the architectural splendour of this beautiful county.

We specialise in lime rendering, lime washing, limecrete flooring, and lime pointing services across the Gloucestershire area, catering to both historic and modern buildings, for residential and commercial clients. As you explore Gloucestershire's charming towns and countryside, you'll encounter a wealth of limestone buildings that reflect centuries of craftsmanship and history. Imagine our lime plastering techniques seamlessly blending with the local landmarks, such as the majestic Gloucester Cathedral or the historic cottages of the Cotswold villages.

Whether you're renovating a period property in Cheltenham or restoring a medieval barn in Tetbury, Lime Plastering Gloucestershire is dedicated to using traditional lime materials to preserve the authenticity and beauty of your property. Let us help you safeguard Gloucestershire's architectural legacy for generations to come.


Historic & Listed Building Work in Gloucestershire

Enhance the appearance of your Gloucestershire home or property with lime plastering services. Ideal for older buildings and heritage works, our lime plastering services range from traditional plasterwork to decorative limework. We also cover lime rendering and repointing, and limecrete flooring. Each project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and dedication to the preservation of our architectural heritage. With a meticulous attention to detail, a passion for tradition, and a deep respect for history, we breathe new life into the past, ensuring its beauty endures for generations to come.

Lime Rendering in Gloucestershire

Transforming facades in Gloucestershire with the enduring charm of lime, our rendering services provide both protection and aesthetic enhancement, ensuring your property in Gloucestershire stands the test of time with grace and resilience.

Lime Washing in Gloucestershire

Embrace the classic allure of lime washes, as we delicately coat your interiors and exteriors with breathable, eco-friendly finishes, infusing spaces with a timeless elegance and natural appeal.

Limecrete Flooring in Gloucestershire

Elevate your floors in Gloucestershire with the unmatched durability and character of limecrete, marrying tradition with innovation for surfaces that exude warmth, authenticity, and longevity.

Lime Pointing in Gloucestershire

Preserve the structural integrity and historical authenticity of your building in Gloucestershire with our expert lime pointing services, meticulously executed to uphold the architectural integrity and aesthetic splendor of your property.



As accredited tradesmen, we take pride in the quality of our limework and plastering services.

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